What is oppotunity cost ?

Opportunity cost is the potential benefit or value that is foregone or sacrificed when choosing one option or course of action over another. It represents the value of the next best alternative that is given up when making a decision.

In simpler terms, opportunity cost is what you give up in order to pursue a particular choice. It is often expressed in terms of the benefits, opportunities, or resources that could have been gained if an alternative option was chosen instead.

For example, let’s say you have $1,000, and you have two options: Option A is to invest the money in stocks, and Option B is to use the money for a vacation. If you choose Option A and invest in stocks, the opportunity cost would be the enjoyment and experience of the vacation that you could have had if you chose Option B. Conversely if you choose Option B and go on vacation, the opportunity cost would be the potential returns or growth in your investment portfolio that you could have achieved with Option A.

Opportunity cost is a fundamental concept in economics and decision-making. It helps individuals, businesses, and governments assess the trade-offs involved in different choices and make more informed decisions based on the value they perceive in the alternatives.